This is an electronic compilation of Consumer, Markets, & Culture Vol. 1-4, edited by A. Fuat Firat and Alladi Venkatesh. The following list organizes the compilation by issue number, and a summary of each issue's contents is also provided. Click on the underlined issue number to access a PDF of the issue; you will need the Acrobat Reader to read the PDFs. You can download the Reader for free by clicking the link below:

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VOLUME 5 (2001/ 2002)

Vol. 5, Number 1:

VOLUME 4 (2000/ 2001)

Vol. 4, Number 4:

  • "A Conversation with Pierre Guillet de Monthoux" by Alladi Venkatesh
  • "Consuming Caffeine: The Discourse of Starbucks and Coffee" by Charlene Elliot
  • "The Millenial Consumer Enters the Age of Exhibitionism-- A Book Review Essay: Part 1" by Morris B. Holbrook

Vol. 4, Number 3:

  • "Santa Claus Does More than Deliver Toys: Advertising's Commercialization of the Collective Memory of Americans" by Cara Okleshen, Stacey Menzel Baker and Robert Mittelstaedt
  • "Counter-Culture and Consumer Society" by John Desmond, Pierre McDonagh and Stephanie O' Donohoe
  • "Gay Men on Film: A Typology of the Scopophilic Consumption Pleasures of Cultural Text" by Steven Kates
  • "Culture and Corruption in the International Markets: Implications for Policy Makers and Managers" by H. Rika Houston and John L. Graham

Vol. 4, Number 2:

  • "May the Farce be With You: On las Vegas and Consumer Infantalization" by Russell Belk
  • "Consumer Aspirations in Marginalized Communities: A Case Study in Indian Villages" by Reshmi Mitra and Venugopal Pingali
  • "Purchase Decision Making in India: A Critical Ethnogrpahic Study of Antecedents of Marital Power" by Cynthia Webster
  • "A Comparison of Consumer Experiences with Online and Offline Shopping" by Mary C. Gilly and Mary Wolfinbarger

Vol. 4, Number 1:

  • "Marketing and Communicating Technology: Paradoxes and Dialogics" by Lars Thoger Christensen
  • "Internet Advertising: The Medium is the Difference" by Xavier Dreze and Fred Zufryden
  • "The Internet as an Opportunity to Rethink the Role of the Internediary" by Ali Yakhlef
  • "To Click or Not to Click: An Empirical Study of Response to Banner Ads for High and Low Involvement Products" by Michael Dahlen, Ylva Ekborn and Natalia Morner
  • "The ICT Revolution in Consumer Product Markets" by Assar Lindbeck and Solveig Wikstrom



VOLUME 3 (1999)

Vol. 3, Number 4:

  • "Rethinking Consumerism" by A. Fuat Firat
  • "Why Do You Shop? (A Conversation with Judith Wilske Followed by a Photo Essay)" by Alladi Venkatesh
  • "Marinetti, Markets and Making Our Futures Ourselves" by Robert Grafton Small
  • "A Metrics of Advertising: Sound Figures and Processing Responses" by Barbara B. Stern

Vol. 3, Number 3:

  • "The Mode of Conversation and the Cultures of the Internet-- A Conversation with Mark Poster" by Alladi Venkatesh
  • "White Noise: A Late-Capitalist World of Consumerism" by Haidar Eid
  • "Casual Dress is More Than Clothing in the Workplace" by Mark E. Hill and Karen James

Vol. 3, Number 2:

  • "Using Introspective Self-Narrative to Analyze Consumption: Experiencing Palstic Surgery" by Shay Sayre
  • "Mapping the Consumer-Subject in Advertising" by Ali Yakhlef
  • "A Pluralistic Seduction? Post-Modern Consumer Research at the Crossroads" by Steven Miles
  • "The Women's Market: Marketing Fact or Apparition" by Pamela Odih

Vol. 3, Number 1:

  • "Marketing, the Performing Arts and Social Change: Beyond the Legitimacy Crisis" by Soren Askegaard
  • "The Popular Success Literature and 'A Brave New Darwinian Workplace'" by Majia Holmer Nadesan
  • "The Structure of Islamic Economics: A Comparative Perspective on Markets, Ethics, and Economics" by Masudal Alam Choudhury



VOLUME 2(1998)

Vol. 2, Number 4:

  • "Just Doing It: A Visual Ethnographic Study of Spectacular Consumption Behavior At Nike Town" by Lisa Penaloza
  • "An Existential Analysis of the Embodied Self in Postmodern Consumer Culture" by Craig J. Thompson and Elizabeth C. Hirschman
  • "When a Rose Is Eros: A Demianagramtical Study of Brand Names" by John W. Shouten
  • "Time of Consumption and The Consumption of Time: Consumer Society and the 'End' of History" by Rajesh Sampath
  • " Comments on 'Time of Consumption and The Consumption of Time: Consumer Society and the 'End' of History'" by Laurie A. Meamber

Vol. 2, Number 3:

  • "Consumption, Identity and Space-time" by David B. Blake
  • "When Expert Consumers Interpret Textual Products: Applying Reader-Response Theory to Television Programs" by Elizabeth C. Hirschman
  • "Baudrillard i nthe museum: The value of Dasein" by James A. Fitchett and Michael Saren

Vol. 2, Number 2:

  • "Writing the Differences: Poststructuralist Pluralism, Retextualization, and the Construction of Reflexive Ethnographic Narratives In Consumption and Market Research" by Craig J. Thompson, Barbara B. Stern and Eric J. Arnould
  • "Marketing Images of Gender: A Visual Analysis" by Jonathan E. Shroeder and Janet L. Borgenson
  • "Theory Outside the Academy: Street Smarts and Critical Theory" by Thomas McLaughlin

Vol. 2, Number 1:

  • "Personal Appearance and Consumption in Popular Culture: A Framework for Descriptive and Prescriptive Analysis" by Morris B. Holbrook, Lauren G. Block and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
  • '"The Sublime and Consumer Behavior: Consumption as Defense Against the Infinite" by Arthur J. Kover
  • "Sublimating the Sublime: Cultural Considerations" by Janeen Arnould Costa



VOLUME 1 (1997)

Vol. 1, Number 4:

  • "Paradisal Discourse: A Critical Analysis of Marketing and Consuming Hawaii" by Janeen Arnold Costa
  • "Consuming Desires: Performing Gender in Virginia Woolf's Orlando, Neil Jordan's The Crying Game and Sally Potter's Orlando" by Peter Stokes
  • "Deconstructing Consumption Text: A Strategy for Reading the (Re)constructed Consumer" by Barbara B. Stern
  • "The Unintended Consequences of the Culture of Consumption: An Historical-Theoretical Analysis of Consumer Misbehavior" by Ronald A. Fullerton and Girish Punj

Vol. 1, Number 3:

  • "Marketing as Auto-Communication" by Lars Thoger Christensen
  • "Genetic Essentialism: Race, Class and the Politics of Reproduction" by Karyn Valerius
  • "The Role of the U.S. Medical Complex and the Media in Value Transformation: The Case of Viable Organ Transplant" by KerenAmi Jhonson and Scott D. Roberts
  • "Meanings of the Home in Popular Song Lyrics: A Feminist Critique Examining Rock and Country Music" by M. Elizabeth Blair and Eva M. Hyatt
  • "'The Play is the Thing...': Comments on Ben Fine's 'Playing the Consumption Game' Rock and Country Music" by A. Fuat Firat and Alladi Venkatesh.

Vol. 1, Number 2:

  • "Romanticism, Introspection, and the Roots of Experiential Consumption: Morris the Epicurean" by Morris B. Holbrook
  • "Romanticism, Introspection, and the Roots of Experiential Consumption: A Response to Professor Holbrook" by Colin Campbell
  • "Critique of Desire: Distaste and Dislike in Consumer Behavior" by Richard R. Wilk

Vol. 1, Number 1:

  • "Welcome to CMC" by A. Fuat Firat
  • "Playing the Consumption Game" by Ben Fine
  • "Genre, Gender, and the Postmodern Blues" by James A. Winders
  • "'The Last Stop of Desire' Covent Garden and the Spatial Text of Consumerism" by Mikita Brottman
  • "Commentary 'The Last Stop of Desire-- Covent Garder and the Spatial Text of Consumerism'" by Laurie A. Member, and "Trivium Siam" by John F. Sherry, Jr