Teacher Leaders and Leading-Edge
Computer-Users: Are They The Same?


Slides presented at the National Educational Computing Conference 2000, Atlanta, GA.

Spotlight Session: Monday, June 26th, 12:30-1:30 pm, Ballroom I (M031).

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Table of Contents

Title Page

Larry Cuban: "Computers are Oversold and Underused"

This View Is Not So Easily Dismissed

However, When Conditions are Right, Teachers' Students Use Computers Frequently

Constructivist Pedagogy

How Will Most Teachers Become Effective Uses of Technology?

The Study Sample

Statistical Profiles of Four Groups of Teachers

1) Professional Engagement and Constructivist Computer Use

2) Highly-Active Technology-Usig Teacher Participants in Reforms

3) Hi-Tech Teachers in Hi-Tech Schools

4) Strong Users of Student Multi-Media Publishing


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